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Dec '08

Snowy Day In Front Of The Computer.

It’s a snowy day in front of the computer today. I need to finalize travel plans for tomorrow for a quickie trip to Portland courtesy of Fluffernutter, book Puerto Valarta for January to spend a week with my priest and his hottie boyfriend, build a web-site for HypnoStevein Portland, write a recommendation for Mindi on LinkedIn, and tackle the to-do list sitting on my desk for Events and Adventures.

And that snow I was talking about?



Dinner tonight is at Jeff and Marvin’s place on the hill (assuming I can get up it — I’ll be taking the mommy van with it’s 4 wheel drive). This will be the first dinner with them in about a decade. Apparently he is no longer pissed off at me. I can only guess at the gourmet meal planned — he is a hell of a chef.


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