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Dec '08

Good Decision, The Train.

With the frosty weather, the train is turning out to have been a very good decision.

A couple of days ago I booked a Roomette on the Coast Starlight (and extra $48 on top of the $28 fare). What do you get for your $48?

  • Private room
  • Amenities kit (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, but no razor)
  • Welcome tiny bottle of champagne (went nicely with the complimentary cranberry juice)
  • Oranges and apples
  • Bottled water
  • Local newspaper
  • Lunch with dessert

And at least heading south, the train was on time, which caused me to pull the stats for the last couple of days of northbound trains… an hour late getting out of Portland but only a few minutes late into Seattle. Looks like their performance is improving!

Here is a great video of the train ride south of Tacoma:


And here is the scoller bar of all the pictures and videos from the trip:


I got checked in by 2:30 after a bus ride and a 5-block walk in a 30mph headwind — resisted the temptation is instantly open the whiskey and warm up.

Dinner last night was with Otter of the OtterWinkles before heading off to the final performance for Periwinkles class “Getting Over Yourself” which works on getting people out of their shell and more comfortable with performing in front of other people. My having the video camera there to tape ScottyDog turned it into a final exam.

Today’s plans are dinner with Patrick, shopping at Powells, then dinner with the OtterWinkles.

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