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Dec '08

Arise, Nanobots!

Apparently, the Wall Street Journal now has a phrase for workers like me: nanobots

“Not in the Office doing Business in their Own Time Staff.”

It actually is an interesting article on management:


It was nice to find a link to the article that wasn’t on the Wall Street Journal site, which tends to want to charge for their content.

Man do I love Portland. Spent yesterday bouncing on and off of MAX and the streetcar lines — having lunch with Patrick (too short), shopping at Powell’s Books, hanging with VavaPussy. Make me want to get a condo on the Red Line with a connection to the airport. Now if Portland had the flight deals that Seattle does.

Here is  a shot of taking MAX in from the hotel, which is in the free zone: 

PDX-MAX - Share on Ovi

Of course, Seattle IS getting light rail — maybe the answer is a condo in the International District so I have both access to the airport and the train station.

Headed home today on the 12:15 Cascades train and will do shopping at Uwajamaya for dinner with Jill tonight — weather permitting (Jill for dinner, not the shopping).

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