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Dec '08

New Uses For Old Tools.

Snow day, so no driving to the EastSide — and Skype is now installed on both machine. $29.50 for a year of unlimited outgoing calls to the US and Canada.

But that isn’t the old took (that would be a new tool). The old tool? The leaf blower. New use? Rather than shovelling off the sidewalk I just blew the snow off since it was a really dry snow that dumped six inches today. Sorry — no video.

And from MoonSong, who I emailed the details…

What a great idea!!  It worked like a charm…  thanks.

And MUCH easier on the back.

So I worked while it snowed — did make a run to the Post Office to drop the last Festivus packages in the mail. That’s done — the rest of the load is going in a suitcase with me to Santa Fe next week.

Steak dinner before going to the airport to pick up Dan — stopped for groceries on the way, just in case it turns nasty again. Glad I have the Mommy Van with it’s four wheel drive with center locking differential.


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