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Dec '08

Snowy Saturday.

Yikes. Another six inches of snow. Lots of plans changed for today.

It was going to be:

  • Gift Grab at Larry’s place
  • Solstice Party at Swanda’s place
  • Potluck Dinner at Rich’s place followed by poker

What really happened?

  • Gift Grab at Larry’s place while Dan napped on the couch

Blame it on the snow that was already on the ground from Thursday (and since turned to ice) and more slated for 4pm. When I left Larry’s place at 3:30pm it had already started.

Solstice Party cancelled due to weather, and the Potluck Dinner was in Olympia, so that ain’t happening for me with Dan having a flight early in the morning.

And now what you have all been waiting for…. the report on how dinner was at the Herb Farm last night. Fabulous — glad I did it, don’t feel the need to drop another $250 a person anytime soon.

No limo with Moet Chandon White Star Champagne — they couldn’t get it out of the lot. All four of us were stuffed (literally) into a Town Car with a driver. Should have taken the damn mommy van.

So, back to dinner. Here is a little video snippet of the evening:


Sorry that the video is a little dark.

Think nine courses each paired with a glass or two of wine, served over the span of four plus hours. I’ve scanned the menu — but not the separate menu for the coffee and teas, or the wine list with about fifty pages…

HerbFarmMenu - Share on Ovi

Click for a larger image.

An early night tonight for both Dan and I after not getting to bed until 1:30am after that meal.

[218.7 — even with that 9-course meal]

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