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Dec '08

Sedate Snowy Sunday.

Got six more inches of snow last night. Not a good thing with Dan having a 7:30am flight. Luckily it was running an hour late AND I’d put a tarp over the front window of the Mommy Van so it was easy to get on the road with minimal scraping. Maybe I’d better put it back since it’s snowing AGAIN.

And for those of you that ask for shots of me giving the front walk a blow job to get rid of the snow:

A laid back day of catching up on the blog, writing letters, a little E&A work, reading through the stack of magazines.

Jimmy and Suzanne due for dinner tomorrow, but me thinks that won’t happen until after the holiday.


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One Response to “Sedate Snowy Sunday.”

  1. Debora Boldridge Says:

    Looks a little chilly where you are! For what it’s worth, it’s a little chilly, here, too, but we have no snow to show for it! Have a good day!