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Dec '08

A Poll Test, And More.

First to the “more”….

The yard stick says nine inches… but it’s more like fourteen since this is the result of several days of melting, snowing, etc.


Yes, that is a yard stick in the snow. The one in the background is a 2x4x10 foot piece of lumber. I should have moved that for the shot.

And there are icicles everywhere…


OK — so we are trying this new pol feature in WordPress. This pole is for the gents in the audience — and you are allowed two choices — say, commando and cut. Actually this is a bit of a work project for Shirts of Bamboo about a Spring Product line. So, I need your votes — or the votes of your husbands, boyfriends, and children.

This is a test, only a test, of the emergency polling system. After this test, you will return to your regularly scheduled blog.

Three questions for the guys in the audience:

Underwear Preference?

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Circumcision Status?

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Today was E&A work, a little SOB work, drinks and dinner with Swanda and back home early — bags packed, ready to go in the morning, assuming flights are running.


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