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Dec '08

My Day Travelling.

Question from Curt:

How was your travel day?

My reponse:

  • First flight mostly on time
  • Two hour layover with sushi and nigori sake
  • Second flight left/arrived half hour late.
  • Scored an All Wheel Drive rental car complete with OnStar and Sirius – and a freaking 110 AC jack in the dash – Pontiac Vibe. Metallic Charcoal — $79.90 for three days.


Just got back from the trudge to the in-laws in twelve inches of fresh snow. Luckily there are adjoining back yards (but with half acre lots).


Don’t forget to vote on yesterday’s poll.





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One Response to “My Day Travelling.”

  1. melba toast Says:

    Hey Markie, Say hello and happy holidays to Arnie and Eileen from me, ok?

    And if you visit Ten Thousand Waves, enjoy it a little for me too.