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Dec '08

Home For The Holidays.

Home? Well, kind of. Born and raised in Kansas City but now Santa Fe is “home”?

Once I was gone from the house, they (parents) moved back to New Mexico — at least they told me where they were moving.

This morning was a run to Trader Joe’s for liquor. $200 worth for me and the holidays here in Santa Fe. Good deals on Grappa and Scotch.

Most of the day before the holiday stuff in the evening was spent disinfecting computers — LOTS of computers. My nieces (2), my mother’s computers, installed my sis-in-law’s photo printer… here it is pushing midnight and XP service pack three is still downloading over dial-up. Ick.

The holday evening started around seven with the ritual Red Barons (champagne and cranberry juice). Somehow the other ritual (smoked oysters) got lost this year.

Once people were feed with soup, rolls, dip and vegetables, sugar products, artichokes, lots of nibble food — it was time for presents. Aunt Nancy (not my aunt, my sis-in-law’s aunt) and I were the “losers” in the amount of loot. It’s fine with me. I’ve got enough loot.

The neices loved the cash. Youngest neice got 100 $1 coins in rolls taped together — the older neice just got a stack of  100 $1 bills. Remembering when I was a teenager, “nothing says love like cold hard cash”.

And tomorrow is Christmas, and the package grab continues next door (well, my parents and my bro/sis/neices back yards are connected) — unfortunately at 8:30am. Damn children. Don’t they know the phrase “brunch”?

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