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Dec '08

The Christmas Miracle — Sophie.

You never know when a Christmas miracle will happen. The random addition of a neighbor (French) into the holiday table mix yields incredible results.


  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Jennifer (sis-in law)
  • Kennan (bro-in-law)
  • Nancy (Jennifer’s aunt)
  • Karen (youngest niece)
  • Emily (oldest niece)
  • Sophie (the neighbor)
  • Myself

Unfamiliar with US customs, Sophie asks for our fondest memories of Christmas past. MANY stories come out. Many stories that I haven’t heard. before the end of the evening is over, more wine is opened. We have also drained an entire bottle of Grappa — a $12.99 steal at Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe.

Some of those stories:

  • My parents dating history before marriage (3 weekends)
  • The story of my mother’s father’s tragic accident on the way to her wedding
  • Out came the bible that my mother had her orchid on for the wedding (the bridesmaids had poinsettias)
  • My brother Jon’s picking up a “humorous” movie for New Year’s Eve (Das Boot — at least it wasn’t the directors cut!)
  • Antics of Jennifer’s dead father — a great “swordsman” according to the wicked stepmother
  • Sophie’s growing up in France as an only child in a “proper” French house
  • and more that I can’t even remember at the moment. Blame it on the Grappa.

The menu was standard Souder Christmas featuring a huge standing rib roast and all the trimmings.

With all the laughing and drinking — people didn’t leave until after eleven — shocking for my parents who are usually in bed by nine.

And what New Mexico Christmas would be complete without having to push someone out of a ditch — that would be Sofie.

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