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Dec '08

On The Road, And In The Air

With Everyone Else!

Left the house (well, both houses — parent’s and the in-laws) at eleven, with plenty of time for the hour and a half drive to Albuquerque — and good that I did as there was a nasty two car accident that blocked both lanes requiring that we use the median strip to get by.

Plenty of time since the flight isn’t until 3:45 — but as you all know, I’m the one that is ALWAYS early for planes, trains, and automobiles.

I’m so early (1:15 and I’m though security) that there is time to catch up on the blog, the email, and all the other stuff that they connection was too slow at the house to deal with… hell, there is even time for lunch!

So far the flight is on time — it’s to LA so the chances of delay are less than those to Chicago (delayed) and Denver (delayed).

Will try and update from LA.


Got to Los Angeles thirty minutes late — but with a three hour layover, it was no big deal. Plenty of time for a dinner of Shrimp Tacos — to compliment the lunch of a Cobb Salad in Albuquerque.

Up until my last attempt to post an update crashed — the flight was on time, but just got a text message that it’s now 8:40 (25 minutes late) — which is weird since the plane is here and at the gate, and it’s 7:45 — must be crew issues at this point.

With luck I’ll be home tonight.

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One Response to “On The Road, And In The Air

With Everyone Else!”

  1. Debora Boldridge Says:

    I could’ve met you at the airport, had I known…
    Glad your trip home went well.