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Dec '08

Weird Sunday.

I say weird, but the day started out pretty normal. Curt and Brandon stayed over last night — Brandon, of course, in the single, Curt with me on the foam bed — I’m not sure he liked it.

Here is the shot from last night playing with the furs:


Thanks to Jen and Lynne for their donations of furs.

So, the big thing today is the Latke and Tequila Party at Jill’s Place. She was sweet to actually get some Tequila for me so we could make it a Tequila and Latke party.

The latkes were great, as was the pork and cabbage (for the non-Jews), cookies, other sweets, and well, tequila (and wine for the non-tequila drinkers).

And the “weird” part of today… I arrived home to find no power to my house. I have no idea how long the power has been out, but I’ve been out in the “command center” in the front yard — otherwise known as “Son of Bob”.

Having installed the new DVD player in the dash before the latke party, I’m forced to wire in an HDTV receiver in SOB so that I can watch the evening news. Turns out that I get 22 channels of HDTV without even raising the antenna on SOB — that said, there is a built-in antenna booster. Too bad I haven’t got the other two monitors in yet, but it’s still cool. Here is what the dash looks like at the moment — before the battery in the camera gave out:


I still have to put the bottom bezel back in — and suddenly the heat control isn’t working — at least the back heater works — but more work for me when the lights come on.

And other weird stuff today — as I’m watching the nightly news, the rains come in — hard and heavy.

Just saw a truck with flashing lights — maybe they are here to fix the power which would be good since I don’t think my generator actually produces 110 but just charges the 12volt — got to get Whitaker to take a look at it.

[217.something — it’s dark in my office and can’t tell]

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  1. melba toast Says:

    Hey Markie, what’s the bracketed number at the bottom of your posts?