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Dec '08

Work. Play. Dinner.

Work during the day, then off to Swanda’s for a package and cocktails.

Amazing how I can get home at 6:30, get the coals going, hook up the new Internet access from Clearwire (ask me more — sign up and I’ll get bucks), set the table, season the steaks, and answer the door for dinner for Lynne at 7.

The snow has melted. It’s time to get back onto track with various household projects like:

  • Running Ethernet from the office to living room, stereo, and bedroom
  • Running speaker cable from the stereo to the living room, bedroom, and office
  • Top the front garden and compost stems
  • Make the valences for Son of Bob
  • Finish electronic upgrades for Son of Bob
  • Clean and organize the garage
  • Start making plans for the garage extension — carport

Yikes — I’d better get busy.


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