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Jan '09

Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2009. Guess I’d better get ready to remember to change my mind when writing checks and invoices.

Today was spend in “family” mode at Marybeth’s place in Tacoma. With regard to my suggestions earlier this month, well, there are teenagers in the hosue, so all things move slow.

Spent the afternoon there before heading home to dead cow on the grill — and I didn’t even bother with the salad, but there was wine left over from last night.

When I was at Safeway today I picked up an AutoTrader….

Should I trade in the 1996 BMW Z3 for a 2001 Jaguar XJ8 Ragtop?

Should I trade in the 1998 Mazda MPV for a 2002 Acura MDX?

Both are black (both the trade-in and the possible new models).

We will see what they are willing to do on trade-in and go from there. Guess that means I have some errands tomorrow after MoonSong comes to do some interior wiring (ethernet and speakers).


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