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Jan '09

Can You Say Jaguar?

Apparently some people (Swanda) are a little confused about what I bought.

Can you say Jaguar? If you are British, it would be pronounced “Jag U R”.


This would be the baby in the garage with the top down.

Today was errands (running the spare key and boot cover to the dealer who took my Bimmer in trade, and Swanda’s to drop off home-canned goods from Kate and Eric) and entertaining Rich and his new computer.

Maybe entertaining isn’t the right word. Applying operating system and software would be closer to the truth.

Bar-b-qued pork ribs on the grill was dinner. Much whiskey and wine consumed.



2 Responses to “Can You Say Jaguar?”

  1. Swanda Says:

    OK, so I admit I can create a party for 150 at the drop of a hat, but what kind of car by sight? Not a chance. A Jag U R or a Jetta sound the same but looooooook very different!! It is a beautiful car in person I have to admit, but there is no way I be sitting in that car, it would take a crane to get me out it is soooo low to the ground!!

  2. melba toast Says:

    Yes, you ARE insane. Definitely.

    When do I get my ride in it? ;^>

    Your mom and Buttercup would approve.