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Jan '09

New Gate Transmitter And Much Work.

I was up super early for me to book rooms for 2010 — yes, you heard correct — 2010 for the Olympics. I wasn’t able to get totally what I wanted, but I did at least get three nights at the resort that I wanted, which was Whistler Sundance at Creekside, where the downhill events will be held.

To get those dates I had to book 16 days worth — which means that before that  have a two-bedroom penthouse in Victoria for almost two weeks — poor me. Considering that some of those dates are the same as the Winter Brietenbush gathering… I’ll be taking in lodgers for Valentines Day weekend… of 2010.

Moonsong was here late due to weather — but still earlier than I wanted to get out of bed after my 6am booking adventure. One of the tasks was to wire in the new gate opener — to solve the problem of “phantom operation” which is the name for gates ad garage doors that open on their own. The other was to synchronize the opens with the built-in unit that is in the new to me Jag.

Lots of billable hours for E&A before quitting for a quiet steak dinner with me, myself and I — and possibily the royal “we”.

Getting closer to packing for the Mexico trip on Thursday. Maybe tomorrow will be the day it’s done.


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One Response to “New Gate Transmitter And Much Work.”

  1. melba toast Says:

    Lodgers for your Victoria penthouse for Valentine’s Day of 2010? Pencil in Roderick and me… that’ll be almost exactly a month before our wedding on March 20, 2010. What a lovely getaway, assuming R gets his enhanced licenses squared away by then, for the border crossing.

    He shouldn’t need ANYthing, being Native, but no government has honored agreements with Natives yet, so why should border crossing be any different…

    How much will you be charging? We’d need to know a dollar figure before we could commit.