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Jan '09

Work, Work, Work

Getting Ready For Play, Play, Play.

Out of the house by 10am to make an 11:30am photo shoot in Olympia. Guess this makes it the first road trip in the Jag.  Rain, rain, rain is how I would describe the ride down. I love the rain sensing windshield wipers and the automatic headlights. This may spoil me for lesser cars for years to come (unless it all starts failing).

The photo shoot was moved from outdoors to inside the new(ish) Seminar II building in one of the stairwells (how artistic). I felt sorry for the recipient of my scholarship who is a freshman with one semester under her belt. Two heavy hitters from the Advancement Office, photographer, assistant, and me. She had a bit of “deer in the headlights” about her. It will be interesting to see how the photographs turn out.

Lunch followed the shoot — she opened up “a bit”, but not much. Oh well, all for a good cause — boosting the Evergreen Foundations endowment.

Took Dick for a short spin in the Jag after lunch — turns out he’s a bit of a car nut as well.

And speaking of car nuts — Greg came over after work for drinks, as did BBHa. Greg came to see the Jag and to show off his mid-life crisis, a 3-series BMW. Part of him wanted to buy my old BMW Z3, but with having a child — bad idea.

BBHa headed off at 6:30 for a drumming circle on the hill, and Greg stayed behind drinking and eventually ended up staying for dinner (abandoning wife and child). It was nice to hang out and compare new vehicles — including SOB (Son of Bob, the new motor home).

Finished packing after he left, but am thinking I need to redo it already. Mexico on Thursday!


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Getting Ready For Play, Play, Play.

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