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Jan '09

Settling Into Life, Yelapa Style.

It’s all about food. Or so it sometimes seems. We are quickly settling into a routine of getting up in the morning, whenever, coffee and fresh squeezed jugo (juice). I’m so far the last one up, and am hoping to train them to bring me coffee in bed to get me moving.

Sleep last night was odd… with everybody stacked on top of each other in the pueblo, sound travels everywhere. Add the almost full moon and the roosters not know the time, throw in some mongrel dogs, and it’s a symphony at night. Hummingbird has provided earplugs for tonight.

I’ve been checking email twice a day. Morning and afternoon, and dealing with anything truly important or just amusing. There is an internet café down the path, maybe I’ll check it out, or not. Too bad I can’t figure out how to, or remember how to upload from the phone. It certainly wouldn’t take a video feed!

Breakfast is sautéed bacon, mushrooms – scrambled up with eggs. Isabelle is here to join us again for our family meals – she is the local friend of the boys. Actually the boys probably shouldn’t be called boys since one is 54 and the other mid-thirties – but all my male friends to me are “boys”.

After breakfast was our day of beauty – new hair color for Hummingbird and Isabelle, fresh toenail polish for me…. BamBam, not so much.



Mid-day we head (again) for the beach —- further down this time… different ceviche (mixed, and excellent), a Caesar salad (I need my greens), and some amazing muscles on the half shells steamed/braised in a hot roasted chili oil. Just another day swimming at the beach. Damn, life is hard.

The routine has developed that we do the shopping for dinner on the way back from the beach. Tonight it is pollo (chicken, a whole one) stuffed with limon (limes) and garlic, on a bed of roasted potatoes, onions, and red bell peppers. For greens tonight it’s an appetizer of cubed avocado, jalapeño pepper, and cilantro. Add some tostados (whole corn tortillas flash fried) and you have a lovely, but spicy, snack.

And dessert? Fresh strawberries marinated in a couple of tablespoons of honey and a wee dram of this odd Kentucky Bourbon/Honey mixture that came with the bottle of Wild Turkey – that somehow ended up in my toiletries kit. Handy. And the end result was damn fine.

Tonight is the full moon – stunning. We even got fireworks across the small bay from a wedding party that we accidentally crashed this afternoon on our lunch/swimming time at the beach. Isabelle rearranged the place (again, the boys did it yesterday) to make it feel more like home. With Hummingbird and BamBam here for seven weeks – you might as well get it feeling like home away from home.

By ten, Isabelle is headed off to Disco Night at the bar in the pueblo, and there are rumors of a drumming circle on the beach, but all the boys, me included, are staying in, with Hummingbird in bed, and BamBam and I burning the midnight (maybe) oil.

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