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Jan '09

Cybercafe Eclipse.

Today’s after breakfast (again stunning) adventure is to the Cybercafe Eclipse, where for 40 pesos an hour you get Zen-like internet access. While the video and the photo upload, I write yesterday and today’s blog entry. Why I decided to upload a video on this connect is beyond me.

Half an hour and counting. Tick, tick, tick. But, it’s not like I have anything else to do until lunch. It will be interesting to see the bill from T-Mobile for my upload yesterday via my cell phone tethered to my laptop. More or less than the equivalent of 40 peso – and about the same speed. I’d launch  outlook to check my mail, but I think that would further slow the connection here in the Eclipse. My guess is that the three wired computers and my one wireless connection are all vying for one connection somewhere between dial-up and DSL. Maybe I should run a speed test on it and find out.

It’s amazing the amount of Canadians here in Yelapa – mostly from British Columbia. I could be in Tofino in the summer.

An hour and counting.

At least Hummingbird is having luck with his email… turns out Jicama (from Bremerton) is coming for a visit later this month. Looks like this year will be the year of visitors for the boys.

Rumors of dinner tonight are of camarones (shrimp), but it all depends on what we find in the market. What I do know is that it will be served with the left over Cole Slaw from last night.

Maybe more later, maybe not.

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