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Jan '09

Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta, San Francisco, Seattle.

The post title says it all — that’s my plan for today. Left Yelapa on the 10:30 boat to Puerto Vallarta — a 45 minute trip. Next up was eggs benedict at Momma Rosa’s Kitchen, followed by checking email and blogging at the smoothie stand with at least a dozen computers, and a decent connection speed.

From here it’s off to the airport around 1pm for a 3:55pm flight to San Francisco. Cab ride should be around 140 pesos, leaving me a few pesos to spend at duty free.

Short post for today — got planes to catch.

And speaking of planes — ever wonder how they paint a 747?

And the still photo of the day, a new Airbus A380 parked at SFO:


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Sorry it’s so dark — but if you click on it and blow it up you can definately see two rows of windows running the entire length of the plane.

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