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Jan '09

Request For Support.

So, you’ve been wondering how to support the economy — GO SHOPPING. Want to support me while supporting the economy? GO SHOPPING through the links on my site — running down the right hand side of the page, or on the shopping page.

We (the royal “we” which really means “me”) have just added to new sponsoring advertisers…

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So book that travel on Alaska Airlines, and go explore Europe.

All that said, here is today’s update from Victoria, British Columbia, Canadaland. We missed the 1pm ferry which put us on the 3:30pm ferry which put us into the condo at a little after 6:30pm with all the shopping for dinner materials. Tonight it’s bar-b-qued chicken breat over a bed of lettuce with the little calamata olive bread and a lovely Shiraz form Australia.

Our unit (for those that don’t know from previous posts) have both a hot tub on the deck next to the bar-b-que and a nice deck, probably 12×20 foot. Add two bedrooms and two bathrooms (one with a handicapped shower), on the sixth floor the view is pretty damn good.

As I type this the afternoon run of the Coho Ferry is pulling into port. The usual float plane traffic is almost non-exsistant today because of all the fog that socked the place in yesterday and today. Luckily by 2pm it had cleared up for Victoria, but probably not for all the other cities the float plane services — including Seattle.

Curt arrived on the 11am Victoria Clipper, and was at the apartment an hour later after clearing customs. His job today is to get us wine for today and tomorrow, and scallops for tomorrows dinner.

My job for today is to get a few billable hours in and get the leg of lamb in the oven at 4:30 (roasted on top of a bed of root vegetables).

What a wonderful way to spend Martin Luther King’s Birthday weekend — watching CNN and CBC coverage of the lead up to the inauguration.

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One Response to “Request For Support.”

  1. melba toast Says:

    Ahem. So, are you ignoring me about the Victoria penthouse for Valentine’s Day weekend 2010, or is it already reserved for somebody else, or…?

    Cuanto por esto? Digame…

    Roderick and I are REALLY interested, if we can afford it.

    Nice to see you enjoying your travels!