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Jan '09

Decadence On The Water.

Well, I was amused by what we were consuming on this trip…

  • (32) cans of Diet Coke
  • (1) bottle of Sparkling Wine
  • (4) bottles of red wine
  • (3.655) liters of hard liquor
  • (4.12) pounds of lamb
  • (2.5) pounds of beef
  • (1) pound of scallops
  • (2.5) pounds of pork
  • (1.5) pounds of chicken
  • numerous other groceries.

All this for 10 people nights (Rich and I were there for 4 nights each, Curt for 2 nights).

It was a quiet day around the condo — finished another Michael McGarrity novel Tullarosa — the first in his series of Kevin Kerney mysteries. I can blame my mother for this… she gave me his latest when I was home for the holidays, liked it so much that I ordered whatever used ones I could find from Powell’s Books in Portland (click on the link to the right to order yours).

Did have to go to the liquor store and the grocery store for one last run. We were out of red wine and brown liquor.

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