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Jan '09

Inauguration Followed By The MV Clusterfuck.

Well, the Inauguration was amazing — amazing enough to get me out of bed earlier than normal. I agree with the sentiments of many of those interviewed, black, white, Asian — I did not expect to see this in my lifetime. Yes, it does make me proud (finally, after the last eight miserable years) to be an American again.

Hoping for the 1pm ferry back the Canadian mainland, we left in plenty of time without rushing. We should have rushed. The 1pm ferry was cancelled, and the 11am ferry was pulling away as we hit the parking lot. Shit. Next ferry was a 3pm. Yikes, four hours in the ferry terminal parking lot… reading and eating the luck we’d packed.

Rich was not particularly happy, be resigned to not getting much sleep tonight since he had to drive back to Olympia so he could get up at 3am to start his job at 5am. Man, I couldn’t do that schedule. Two more years and he can go to part time (60 and his pension kicks in).

On the mainland we hit a HUGE fog bank that lasted well past the US/Canada border and made driving incredibly stressful — I didn’t feel like wrapping the Jag around a phone pole in my attempt to get home. Hell, it was hard to even find the turn off to Duty Fee at the border (2 liters of Rum for $20 Canadian — guess I’m having a lot of mojitos and cuba libres).

Got to the house a little before 8pm, totally exhausted on my part, and probably Rich’s as well. I hope he made it home safe. If he felt anything like I did there was reason for worry. Me, I went through the mail, ate a sandwich, and curled up in bed with the TV and the Wall Street Journal.

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