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Jan '09

Prepare For A Social Whirl!

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve had folks over for dinner…. so, a few emails later:

  • Jill and Megan for dinner tomorrow, check out her crime blog to the left Thin Blue something or other
  • Jeff for dinner and the opera on Saturday
  • Scotty and Patrick for dinner Sunday
  • Fluffernutter and the Lapsed Mormon Monday
  • Darcie and Jeanne Tuesday
  • Wednesday I rest
  • Thursday I fly to Dallas for work.

Whew! Good thing I stocked up on meat and wine at the store today.

The upside (besides the joy of feeding people) is that it forces me to clean the public areas of the house — which is most of it. I can close the door on the disaster of an office.

If it’s Thursday it must be the weekly marketing meeting for Events and Adventures. With Swanda cracking the whip we are keeping these meetings to an hour, down from an hour and a half. I’d worry about billing less, but I have enough projects on my plate to keep me happy — and I hate meetings.

Just another quiet evening at home before the dinner hits the fan.


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One Response to “Prepare For A Social Whirl!”

  1. Curt Says:

    Learning from “The Master,” was able this week to sneak in early a.m. for the discount meat at our targeted store to grab increadible beef cuts at 50% off. No doubt, The Master will benefit during future pre-poker dinners with prime beef. Good-on-you Uncle Markie for disovering the secret.