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Jan '09

Dinner Number One Down.

Work and play during the day, entertaining in the evening. Just another typical day in UncleMarkieLand.

Yet another trip to the apartment to track down the large E&A prints coming in from BlueToad Designson Lopez — still not here, but a late Christmas present from Swanda was there — the Barack Obama plate and collection combination — it made a hit at dinner tonight.

Dinner tonight was with Weightlifter Jill and Police Blogger Megan (link to the left under My Friends).

Peppered Filet Mignon, fresh garlic challah (bread), salad, steamed white asparagus, salad — with a lovely 2000 Cascina Adelaide Barolo that Jill brought. That girl does know her wine!

After dinner is was a rousing three way bowling on the WII — Jill emailed her WII MII to my machine — AND IT WORKED! Now I have to email my WII MII to Dan and Lisa so the next time I’m down there I have MII with me. Jill also brought over Mario & Sonic Olympic Games — at which I totally sucked. I think I’ll stick to bowling.


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