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Jan '09

Another Dinner Down, Two To Go.

I’m really loving the convection oven that I finally got rewired a couple of weeks ago — now I just have to figure out cooking times on all my favorite recipes, but it seems to knock off about 25% of the cooking time. Here is the oven that I’m talking about:

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On the top there are warming lights and on the bottom, a two drawer warming oven (handy for keeping stuff warm while something else cooks). When the roof gets extended on the back deck, this stack will form the basis of the outdoor kitchen.

Tonight’s dinner used both the convection oven and the warming ovens. Warming oven to proof the mini-loaves of rosemary challah and to keep them warm after the baked in the convection oven which the chicken marinated in a roasted red pepper chipotle cooked. Yum. Steamed asparagus with a little pepper and butter, big mixed green salad, a couple of bottles of red wine and the boys were fed well.

The boys? Scotty Dog, Marlin, Patrick and myself. The boys for tomorrows dinner? Jonathan, Jeff, Fluffernutter and myself. Sometimes it feels like I’m feeding the entire city of Seattle.



2 Responses to “Another Dinner Down, Two To Go.”

  1. Debora Boldridge Says:

    Try sending some of that to San Diego! 🙂

  2. Swanda Says:

    Well, not all of Seattle! LOL