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Jan '09

Opps. Quarterlies!

Damn that inbox. My way of dealing with the “to-do” list is to leave it in the InBox until I deal with it, then file it away.

And that’s where I found a couple of emails from the Department of Revenue (Washington). Print out the invoices, total the figures, file and pay online. Done.

That is how I spent my non-dinner party time — taxes. And dinner was left-overs from all the other dinners.

My day was a little work and a lot of errands. I managed lunch at Subway, driving to Costco, opening an account, going shopping and returning to the house in an hour. Damn I’m good.

Had to get back quick because MoonSong, my maid/contractor/masseuse was cleaning the house, but we needed to chat about new display ads for his practice (massage) and the outdoor kitchen project that we are starting on next week.

Of course, I forgot that I had shirts at the cleaners to pick up, and that I wanted to transfer my prescriptions to Costco and get them refilled. That was the afternoon hour and a half run — Levitra filled, Ambian — needs authorization again from my doc. Try again Tuesday when I’m back from Dallas.

And later tonight Fluffernutter is coming over with some “Virgin” who wants to quiz me about what the Radical Faeries are (http://www.radfae.org for a little background).

Should be amusing.


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  1. Swanda Says:

    And then go and gain 73.0 the next day…Jenny Craig would be proud!!