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Jan '09

Yee Haw! Texas Here I Come.

It’s going to be a long day…

11:55am flight, which for me means in the Board Room before 10am for that “eye opener” and a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese before settling into Seat 1C for the ride to Dallas.

Lunch on board wasn’t bad — a little pasta salad and a warm turkey and cheese sandwich — so much for the diet. A trio of scotches and the DigiPlayer made the time pass quickly. Oddly enough the most interesting thing on the DigiPlayer was the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Special followed by a couple of sit-com reruns.

Swanda was tardy picking me up at the airport . There was still a nip in the air from the Texas Freeze of earlier in the week and not finding any pre-security place to hang, it was curbside for me.

The purpose of this trip is to visit two of the four Events and Adventures locations that I haven’t seen yet. We swung by the Dallas office on the way to dinner to surprise the other person from the main office. It also gave me an opportunity to see how all the large framed pieces of artwork look in the lobbies — STUNNING would be my comment. It seems like the staff really likes them as well. We’ll see how they feel about the new screen savers and the DVD for the lobby.

One of the staff down here (Eric) recommended a GREAT restaurant for dinner. Had to Google on the phone for the address, but it was well worth getting lost. Should you ever find yourself in Dallas, check out Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill on Beltline.

I swear that Swanda and I worked our way completely through the appetizer menu, and half the sides — with the chef (Kenny, as it turns out — who joined us for a bit), and a portion of the desert menu. Amazing to drop close to $200 and not even have an entree. I was stuffed enough without it — and we only had one cocktail each before dinner, a bottle of Seven Sisters Meritage White with our appetizers and an after dinner drink. I was so sated that I didn’t even unload the vodka from the trunk, but just checked email and went to bed.

Tomorrow, breakfast with Dallas’ event planner, a little office time, and then off to Houston.


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One Response to “Yee Haw! Texas Here I Come.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    A bit tardy…a bit tardy…how about mentioning that I left a full hour and 40 minutes before your arrival only to be confronted by massive accident on LBJ so got rerouted into the back 40 and hell, only seeing the setting sun got me to the airport…A BIT TARDY…yes, yes, I was just a TAD TARDY!! Texas traffic sucks!! Shared from a loving heart space.