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Jan '09

Houston, We Have A Problem.

Well, lots of billable hours for Events and Adventures — but this trip has been the oddest in terms of hotel rooms.

Case in point. Here is the sign on the back of the door of our Dallas hotel room:

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Is this something they have a regular problem with? This was an 8 1/2 x 11 sign. Odd. Very odd.

A little more time in the office in the morning, then off on the long drive to Houston (4 hours). At least the hotel is twice as nice as the last one… but even this one has a problem, Houston.

Checking in we try and confirm that there are, in fact, two beds — and our front desk clerk’s first language is definitely not English. I’m thinking Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian. We finally take the room key and go look for ourselves. Same set up as last night — king bed, with a sleeper couch.

And again — no sheets. Call the front desk… try and explain. And he quickly brings us sheets, pillowcases, a pillow, and… wait for it… a very thick mattress pad. This I didn’t find out until after dinner when I made the bed at the end of the evening — and just said the hell with it. I’m tired, I’ve been drinking, I just don’t care — it will be warm.

Dinner was work, work, work with Swanda, David (his Houston events planner) and myself chatting for a couple of hours over, again, way too many appetizers and drinks.

And then again — maybe it was the cocktails in the room before dinner.

[scared with the Texas diet]

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