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Jan '09

It Never Ends.

Office in the morning so we could see some of the sales offices which were in use last night when we stopped by. It’s actually a really nice house in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. Two story, basically a five-bedroom renovated 1940’s house turned into a sales office and club house for the members. All it really needs is the framed posters on the wall.

After the morning there, it was off to Galveston to inspect the damage from Hurricane Ike. Galveston is about an hour south of Houston. My — looks just like the damage in the lower ninth ward from Hurricane Katrina that I surveyed last summer.

On the way down — we swung by Johnson Space Center.In the last year I also saw Kennedy Space Center in Florida — so it is the years of Hurricane Damage and NASA. We didn’t even get into the grounds – too cheap to pay the $5 in parking. Swanda will do a lot of things with me — Space Centers are not one of them — for that I need Dan from Shirts of Bamboo.

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Lunch was at Casey’s which is next door to the Pelican Club and Gaid0s — a Galveston institution.

After driving around a bit, marvelling at the damage still showing after nine months, back to Houston we headed. And here is my picture of the week:

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Click on the image to enlarge — the van has a pig snot and pig ears. I want one!

On the way back from the afternoon stop at the office we stopped for take out for dinner from the Hickory Hollow BBQ. Pretty good meat. Sides a little weak, but still worth eating.

Arriving back in the room — and the title of this post: It Never Ends. The room has been made up — I was hoping for a real blanket tonight — and maybe for fun, the proper size sheets — they stripped the bed, and left the mattress pad and the pillows, but didn’t fold it back up. No clean sheets. No real blanket.

After a call to the front desk — he said the sheets were in the drier and would bring them up in a bit. In a bit, arrived two sheets of sheets, one pillow, no pillow cases — and yet another mattress pad. All I could do was laugh.

Just a quiet evening in front of the computer for both Swanda and I.

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  1. Colonel Eric Gowins Says:

    You’re just NOT Texas people.