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Feb '09

Outdoor Kitchen Here We Come.

Well, the next big project has begun on the Rose Street House — The Outdoor Kitchen.


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Here is the plan — extend the roof out four feet on each side and tie it back in to the existing roof at about a 30 degree angle. This means that the pop machine will have to go someplace else so that the commercial convection oven that it in garage will go just to the right of the door. To the left of the door will go the BBQ pit which is at the far left of the current photo.

Materials have been purchased, construction begins in the morning. Guess I’d better figure out how to get 220 outside!

Not many billable hours today because I spent a ton of time working on the directory for the 30th Annual Winter Gathering at Breitenbush that is coming up the week after next.

Didn’t make it to the grocery store in my various errands around town today, so it was succotash out of the freezer to go with the filet mignon and a lovely Bonney Doon Syrah Le Prosseur.


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