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Feb '09

Marching Forward.

Well, we are marching forward on getting the Outdoor Kitchen up and running. In a perfect world it will be done by the time company shows up on Sunday. Right now it’s three people, but it could turn into four if Whitaker shows up to work on SOB (Son of Bob) and get the inverter installed, and the dash heater working again.

So, here is the status at the end of today on the deck work:

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The “wings” are on, the facia is on one side, hell, at this rate the roof extension will be done tomorrow, then it’s just running 220 to the right hand side of the door which MoonSong has figured out will be easiest by just crawling under the house and rerouting the old dryer circuit.

Me — I’ve been working and billing today. Though I must confess that I did check on flights direct to that small town in Texas.

Dinner was chicken in a mushroom pasta, a little green salad, and the last of that bottle of wine from last night.

This was written on the new Acer Aspire with no hard drive, but a web cam, so in the next couple of days you’ll get to see a video of me typing my entries — won’t THAT be amusing.



2 Responses to “Marching Forward.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Did the Casino print show UP !?!?!?!

  2. Swanda Says:

    So looking at doing a little bit of the Texas 2-step are you? Well, now!!