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Feb '09

Power In, Appliances Moved.

Well — by 10:30 we (that would be MoonSong) had the power moved from the dryer circuit to the back porch. Amazingly quick and easy.

By 11:00 we (MoonSong and I) had grunted the three appliances going on the back porch, and moved the pop machine to the garage. In the process we cleared a little more space for the Jag to fig into.

Here is today’s shot:

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Now all I need to do is get the pass-through to the kitchen designed, and figure out of I want an outdoor cold-water since as well.

But at the moment I’m rushing around trying to get out the door.

I need to drive 3.5 hours to Long Beach, Washington to let Swanda into the condo for the weekend, then drive 2.5 hours back to Olympia to go play poker with the boys.

Looks like I’m eating dinner on the road tonight.


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One Response to “Power In, Appliances Moved.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    So wondering minds are pondering…was dinner Subway = Eat Fresh!