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Feb '09

Plans Up In The Air.

Plans up in the air?

  • Jameson and crew not due until Tuesday night — guess I’d better get my vegan recipe’s in order
  • Whitaker has EMT classes, so now he is coming Wednesday, when I’m on the road and MoonSong is cleaning the house.

Today’s accomplishments:

  • More room in the garage for the Jag
  • Less dead mice in the garage (found two)
  • Stove donated to MaryBeth
  • Computer going to MaryBeth’s son
  • Directories and other materials done and transportation arranged
  • Drill bits purchased
  • Nothing done on SOB (Son of Bob)
  • NetBook programmed with Skype and Street/Trips for upcoming trip.

Dinner? Chicken and Pasta with a little red.

Too busy getting ready for travel to take the “photo of the day”.

[220 — time to barf up dinner]

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