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Feb '09

Dinner With The Boys.

Work. Errands. Work. Wiring. Baking. Wiring. Grilling. Pasta Making.

The TV is installed and wired in in the back. The middle monitor is wired in — it will be mounted in a panel which I have yet to make. The HDTV converter box is in and wired to all the monitors, including the one in the dash.  And it’s all cleaned up.

That was my day preparing for the boys coming to dinner. Jameson (my faux nephew — my dead brother’s widow’s new husband’s nephew), and two of his school mates from Evergreen — the gay redhead and the straight vegan.

Dinner was salad, homemade sourdough bread (pulled half the dough for tomorrows dinner with another set of boys in Seaside, Oregon), high-heat roasted asparagus and brussel sprouts, homemade farelli pasta in an olive tapenade, and for the vegan — a couple of medium sized portobello mushrooms stuffed with minced marinated artichoke hearts. No dessert, I don’t believe in it.

Add a couple of bottles of wine and cocktails before and after, and you have a good evening for fall, even it I didn’t get laid.


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