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Feb '09

Paging Seaside.

Oh, the pain of an early morning after entertaining.

Alarm at 7am — the theory is out of the house at 8am to drop off the computer for MB’s son in Tacoma, then to pick up friends at the airport — the Portland Airport.

The reality of this morning was more like 8:30am with the windshield wipers frozen to the front window of the mommy van. It would have been more fun in the Jag, but with snow possible in the mountains, not the best move. Years ago I rented a Jag from Budget and went for a ride in the Colorado mountains and came VERY close to getting stuck — tires spinning for MILES to get back over the pass from the first turn around.

The boy’s (Mark and Onyx) flight was early, and I was late. Still slightly addled from the night before I missed the correct turnoff and headed us up the gorge instead of the the coast — bonus was a beautiful view of Mt. Hood without clouds.

Got to the WorldMark Seaside at around 1:30 — to find our room READY — amazing.  My guess (from the amount of ice in the freezer) was that the room was vacant last night as well.

Lunch at Girdles. We all ended up with variations on a theme… French Onion soup and a crab laced salad for Mark, Clam Chowder and a crab laced salad for Onyx, and Shrimp Bisque and a crab laced salad for me.

Dinner tonight is yet another rack of ribs (this time with Arthur Bryant’s sauce rather than last night vinegar based wash), salad, grilled asparagus, and a loaf of sourdough bread (from last night’s dough). Wine, of course (red for the Marks, white for Onyx.

Dessert – yes, courtesy of the other Mark. Chocolate… maybe we should open one of the bottles of port tonight.

Tonight’s free movie (courtesy of WorldMark) is Burn After Reading. I understand it’s a comedy.


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