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Feb '09

Thursday Update.

Luckily the conference call was a short one – but it was still 11:30 when we sat down to eat breakfast with a noon check-out. The boys were celebrating their vacation by sleeping in until my conference call was done. A relaxed drive after hurriedly packing to get out of the apartment.

By Salem, Oregon it was time to stop for supplies – hail Fred Meyer as the store with everything including gasoline. A not too quick stop at Starbucks for sandwiches and drinks and off into the mountains we head.

Arrived at Breitenbush to find directories NOT in the cabin – annoying me for wasting my time hooking up with Gregory to get them down a day early. This Queen Registrar she is a fickle one – didn’t realize you could be anal retentive AND fickle at the same time.

Cocktails at 5pm as people were arriving, dinner at 6pm – and me bowing out of the Opening Circle and Breitenbush 101 (no sex in the hot tubs, don’t burn the place down).

An early bed, for tomorrow is another day. But before I go, here is the shot of our cabin in the woods:


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