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Feb '09

First Full Day On The Magic Bus.

What a totally lazy day. Up at a little before 8, head down to the lodge for breakfast, come back to the cabin for a nap, get up for lunch, head down to the lodge, eat, head back to the cabin to read.I did spend part of the day trying to get an internet connection at Elk’s to work as it has in the past… I failed, will have to attack it with Lunetta tomorrow.

Cocktails at the normal BBush time – 4pm. Managed to squeeze ten faeries into out little outpost in the woods. White Zinfandel, Mead, White Wine, Red Wine, two kinds of Scotch was on the liquid offering. Cold pork ribs, cheese, crackers, fruit, lox was on the food offering. Since Brietenbush serves only vegetarian fare, the meat products were most appreciated.

Then off to dinner before tonight’s big event… The Fashion Show. Historically The Fashion Show has not been as widely attended or had as many models and the Talent Show (tomorrow night). A surprising array of outfits considering they only had one sign-up slip at noon when I went down for lunch.

Here is a sample of the almost a hundred photos of this event:


These would be dresses from the Diamond Heart Collection – a faerie who passed away a couple of years ago.After the show it was back to the cabin to finish the last of the New Yorker’s that Swanda passed along.

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