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Feb '09

The Ride Continues.

Out of the cabin for breakfast.

Back to the cabin to finish one Michael McGarrity novel and start another. No nap this boy today. Then lunch, and back to the cabin. Maybe tomorrow. And as usual, the boys show up at 4pm to start breaking all the no booze and no animal flesh rules.

I’d go into the menus, but it all ends up in my mind as “Tofu and Twigs”. At least it isn’t vegan. The down side is to get protein into the mixture there is a ton of diary, which isn’t exactly on my preferred diet these days. They have figure out how to make interesting breads, however.

Tonight is the talent show. Only once was I in a talent show, it was at a EuroFaerie gathering in the Netherlands – I played Green Sleeves on a concertina. Haven’t touched the concertina since.

Here is a sample from the show – probably won’t post these to Twango as there is some nudity in them occasionally.


Didn’t stay for the second half of the show – went back to the cabin to continue my private time. In the most recent gatherings I’ve spent a lot of time quietly reading the cabin, making up for the lack of quiet time in the rest of my life…. Makes me wonder why I’m paying $330 to just have some quite time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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