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Feb '09

Are We There Yet?

And Can We Leave Now?

Apologies for not getting these entries posted until my return to civilization. My usual internet connection here in the woods has been restricted. Yesterday we learned the reason…. With the community’s internet coming from both a satellite up and a satellite downlink, they have very limited bandwidth. Seems that many of the community have addictions to You Tube and what not that suck up all their allotment – they have locked it down to machine address (i.e. no outsiders) and restricted use to non-business hours. Oh well. Guess I’ll get a little more of that piece and quiet.At lunch was the streaking of the faeries by all the kitchen staff. So with boobs and dicks a flying they sped through the dining hall twice to honor us – and we returned the favor but streaking the kitchen. That last we was a dozen of our clan, not me (though I have in the past).

Tonight is the auction to raise funds for those who can’t afford to pay the whole $315 for the long weekend. This year we are paying out about $7,000 more than we are taking in. Ouch – that puts a dent in our reserves. Funny, when I was Queen Registrar we always made a little money on the gathering – but then I required a $50 minimum payment from everybody, and handed out scholarships on a first come basis, AFTER full paying folks… But every QR has the right to make there own rules in our non-hierarchical group.

It being the afternoon just prior to cocktail two hour… my plans are to not attend the auction, even though I’ve donated a massage table for the live auction (though it could end up in the silent auction)… and contributed an item for Swanda’s Pornocopia (imagine a giant horn of plenty stuffed with porn and toys).

I have yet to visit any of the waters – the sauna, the meadow pools, the hot tubs – my heart just isn’t in it this winter. With the snow I’m feeling more hermit like, and pondering my attendance at the summer gathering in August. I’ve missed only one summer gathering of all the gatherings of the Radical Faeries since 1981, including both weekends of the winter gatherings we had early on. Twenty-six years of twice a year, over fifty gatherings here. Maybe it’s time to let it go.

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And Can We Leave Now?

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