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Feb '09

On The Road Again.

I think is the act of traveling – feeling movement in my body – that I care more about than the destination. It’s a thought that I keep coming back to. Maybe I should have been a pilot, a train engineer, or a bus driver.

The plan is to leave after lunch today, with Mark and Onyx being dropped someplace in Portland – plans unknown at the moment as we’ve left them to the last to not feel like the end is near.

With the occasional flurries turned to sunny days, the roads are good.

As luck would have it, we are out of the parking lot before 2pm — which is amazing for the boys. With stops at Starbucks (coffee and sandwiches again for me), Fred Meyer (to return the coat Onyx didn’t end up needing), we head to Enterprise so the boys can pick up a car for the day (using Mark’s frequent renter points).

I’m at home by 7:45pm after a stop in Olympia for groceries and gas.

It’s kinda nice to have a quiet steak and salad dinner.

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