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Feb '09

Marketing and Mega Errand Run.

It is so nice to drive to the eastside with the top down, even if I am freezing my butt off in the morning.

Odd marketing meeting this morning with Barb in Dallas and Swanda in Minneapolis, and the owner nowhere to be found. Must have been a family crisis since that’s about all that would keep him off the conference call.

And what a list of errands:

  • Bank (2 checks)
  • Harbor Freight (brad air nailer for making the valances for SOB, and other miscellaneous items)
  • AAA (maps for the new car)
  • Jaguar of Bellevue (check on a new DVD for the navigation system)
  • Lowes (two rolls of fencing and a 2x4x1/4″ piece of oak veneer for the microwave enclosure for SOB)
  • Radio Shack, Shucks and Napa looking for interesting gauges to mount in the left over space in the microwave enclosure.

Whew! Who knew that the Jaguar was a delivery van…


Had a great dinner at Jimmie’s with Suzanne as well. Nothing beats having someone else cook for you.


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