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Feb '09

Valances — Five, Please.

Well, other than a little billable hours, today has been all about valances.





When I installed new curtains in SOB (Son of Bob, my RV) it quickly became obvious that they really needed valances — 4.5″ real oak. For the one in the bathroom, I thought a plate rail would be a nice touch (to match one in the kitchen) and serve as a place to store more stuff.


Luckily, this one goes wall-to-wall so no end caps are needed. By 4pm I was done with the other four of them, complete with stain and seal. Needless to say, the Jag is out in the alley. Once I got this one done I powered through the rest of them since the air nailer was hooked up, glue and stain were out, and generally everything was ready to go.

Drinks with Jill after she gets off work (what an odd phrase, that) which will allow more time for the valances to dry. If I have the energy there is an engagement party at Barca (Lounge) that I should go to at 9pm, allowing more drying time. At the moment I’m feeling whipped from the day and wondering how I can even make it up north for drinks.


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