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Feb '09

Can’t Seem To Stay Home For Long.

Well, I’ve done it again. Gone and booked some more travel. But before I give you the latest, I should tell you what is already on the books:

  • February 28-March 3rd, Bay Area, Visit the boys and do some scouting for E&A
  • March 21-March 23rd, Bay Area, Visit the boys, make dinner for Alicia who turns fifty, and maybe work
  • April 16-19th, Birch Bay 3-Bedroom Penthouse with Marybeth and the Kids
  • May 7-10th, Long Beach 3-Bedroom Presidential with the Poker Boys

And now for what I just completed today:

May 11th-24th, Alaska Cruise Tour with Ross. Starts in Fairbanks, goes through Denali, down to Anchorage and onto the Holland America Line’s Statendam.


And then of course I still need to be in Santa Fe on the 28th of May for my niece’s high school graduation. Guess that means I’m flying, not driving. May isn’t looking good for billable hours. 

Another quiet evening planned at home, hopefully billing some hours.


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