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Feb '09

Dinner With Friends.

After a day of little bits of everything (work, play, errands), it was time to entertain friends this evening. The line up was Helene and Swanda — Jonathan was a no-show. I love my friends — Swanda shows up with a couple of bottles of wine — Helene showed up with most of the meat counter at Whole Foods — a standing rib roast, some chicken breasts, some buffalo. And crackers, cheese and olives for pre-dinner nibbles. WOW.


Yes, that is a bronze sculpture of me as bacchus holding up the nibbles platter. Please notice the Obama plate in the background, a late Christmas gift from Swanda.

Dinner tonight: fresh sourdough bread, spicy ricotta cornbread, high-heat roasted asparagus, salad, jerkked lamb. Yum. Of course there are leftovers, I was expecting Jonathan to hoover everything in sight. Just means a great breakfast instead.


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