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Feb '09

In The Air And On The Ground.

It may be a late morning flight but I’m still feeling knackered. Why, why, why do I have dinner parties the night before flying. Apparently I just don’t learn.

No line at security and I’m from curb to Board Room in fifteen minutes, ten of which is walking. Might be a record.

Easy flight down — person next to me had her nose buried in her book as I had in mine. Tunes on the headphones, drinks on a regular basis, and a little snack plate thrown in as well. Damn, I like First Class.

Lunetta was a the Oakland Airport to meet me and haven gotten voicemail while I was in the air, it is off to M. Lowe and Company to visit with Alicia. This is where I get my custom earrings made — though at the moment I’m wearing a ruby I bought from them, having once again, lost my custom teardrop garnet in a rose gold setting with a 1/4 diamond .

The bad thing about M. Lowe is that I always find something I like. Today’s purchase was a replacement for a Indian (dot, not feather) Brahma bull ring that I lost years ago. The new one is a much more modern interpretation, but still could put an eye out.


Amusingly, after my nap and a couple of cocktails the boys and I went out for Indian/Pakistani food here in Berkeley.

Tomorrow is a 112 miles of driving looking at various office possibilities here in the Bay Area. Fun.


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