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Mar '09

Safeway Savings.

I am a meat whore. Yes, I love my chicken, pork, kangaroo, buffalo, beef, snake, you name it.

I’m also a Safeway Clearance section whore. Today’s take on all this wonderful organic cyrovac’d beef — 50% off, and the stuff freezes well — not that there is any room left in my freezer being the Clearance whore that I am. Looks like we are eating a lot of steak this week.

Total savings? 47% of my bill… $96.94

Basically $200 worth of groceries for $109.88

Today Stewie is over staining the fence since it turned into a sunny day, looking at how to fix the chipper, taking the van in for emissions, adding some more reed fencing to the back deck, and at some point hopefully organizing the garage.

This afternoon Raf comes by to check out the house in daylight to finalize his bid to scrape, prime and paint the house.

This evening I think I’ll have a steak.


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