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Mar '09

Of Opera And Dinner.

That snow I mentioned yesterday? More like falling slush. By the afternoon the sun was out and the birds were chirping, and Raf was nowhere in sight having broken his 4×4 in a puddle that was bigger than expected.

And speaking of opera, tonight’s opera is Bluebeard’s Castle & Erwartung. It’s so odd this particular performance. On Thursday I got a call from Speight Jenkins — the Director of the Seattle Opera saying (yes, him on the phone, not a recording) that because of comments from patrons of earlier performances that he was moving my seats. My seats that I love more than the opera! This did not fill me with glee, more like gloom. Yesterday the box office called me with the same news, but at least was able to tell me where the seats were — Orchestra Center 13 rows back. Ick. Main floor, probably not on an aisle. I hate stepping over other patrons. After a little back and forth we are now further back, but on the side aisle of the First Tier. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report on whether the seats were good, or not.

Here are a couple of snaps from their website of the opera:



Before the show is dinner with Wonderful who will then drive us to the opera — early since we have to go to will call for new tickets. Another pain. Oh well.

Dinner is marinated chicken breasts (spicy chipotle sauce) over a bed of greens with a side of black-eyed peas and some garlic bed assuming that it’s fresher than the rolls from a couple of nights ago. Opps — I’m giving away my secrets of recycling food from guest to guest.

And last but not least, got a nice phone call from Debra in San Diego (lost friend from high school) thanking me for the CDs that I sent down of Javier’s music from his Muzak days.


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