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Mar '09

On The Road With Sun And Snow.

Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth.

First — the review of the opera and the seats. For the first one-act opera , Bluebeard, we sat in the replacement seats — the next to the last row of the first teir — and soooo much better than sitting in orchestra center and having to step over people as we shoot out of the hall to hit the parking garage before the masses. For the second one-act opera we went back to our regular seats.

Yes, the view for Bluebeard (a STUNNING opera by the way) from the replacement seats was much better. The stage setting had a giant see-through scrim (that darkened in our usual seats) encased by a giant gold leaf frame.  Yes, we would have missed most of the action in Bluebeard by sitting in our (Wonderful and myself — though I’m looking for a partner for next season due to the economic downturn) regular seats. The full review of Bluebeard… I didn’t nod off, as I usually do during the first act of every other opera. Ertawag, or whatever the name of the second opera, was only saved by fully naked man rolling to and fro on the stage — strangley enough the plot stopped halfway through, and they took a bow (while we jetted towards the garage).

After performance cocktails back at my place. Woke up groggy from all the culture… and headed out the door fully packed at noon — destino (destination in Spanish, but I don’t know the French which would be more appropriate) Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sun, snow, fog, just plain odd weather headed north. Maker’s Mark (liter) and Alize (a passion fruit, cognac blend — Wonderful’s choice) from duty-free and then the cluster-fuck of the border where getting back into traffic going northbound means crossing the  Nexus lane and having to merge back into backed up traffic. Got to the WorldMark Vancouver at The Canadian a little after 3:30 to find the room ready.

Want the tour? Here it is:


Dinner tonight (as seen on the video) is a pork roast over potatoes and onions, a salad, lots of whiskey and wine and good company. In addition to myself, it’s Wonderful, my priest, and his hottie boyfriend.


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One Response to “On The Road With Sun And Snow.”

  1. Melba Toast, NAC Says:

    Nice pork roast. My dad used to give us Polish dill pickles to eat with pork roast, a good combo. Wonderful looks like he’s a wonderful guy. I do so enjoy hearing your voice on the videos, since I don’t get to hear it in person very often. Glad you are having fun, and enjoying your share of MEAT!

    Melba Toast, N.A.C.