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Mar '09

Working Vancouver, i.e. Day Two.

A lazy day in the morning — breakfast was a hash made from last night’s pork roast and potatoes — Wonderful added a nuked egg to his.

BamBam showed up about noon and off we went to explore Kitsilano, Yaletown, and Gas Town for possible office locations. Seems I want to travel to all the places my clients want to open branches!

As luck would have it BamBam’s paintings are hanging in a coffee shop in Yaletown (my first choice for office location) that is owned by a real estate broker (who’s office is next door), and suddenly we are talking turn-key offices, what’s on the market, what they handle (what we want is what they handle). I love the whimsy of the timing of that visit.

Besides being a painter, BamBam is also a videographer — and here are a couple of links to video’s that he has done:


and my favorite off the Downtown Vancouver website:

BamBam is the blond (at that moment), and the woman is his boyfriend’s secretary. How odd is that.

Dinner tonight was chicken seasoned with this lovely Meixcan spice mix called Tajin Classico which is basically Molido chilies, salt, and dehydrated lemon juice. Salad, green beans with garlic and onion, wine, a couple of different desserts and it was a meal for six people and we were only four.

And after dinner, the movie that BamBam and Wonderul picked out was Across the Universe which I hadn’t seen, but had heard the sound track while I was in Mexico the boys. What can I say, maybe it was the wine, but it made me cry.

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